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欢迎来到布里斯班 Sunnybank全科家庭医生诊所

布里斯班 Sunnybank 全科家庭医生新诊所已经开诊 , 位于众所皆知的Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre内,与Bupa保险为邻,对面是宏仁堂, Medibank保险 和 Vodaphone电信。诊所每位同仁可英语和普通话沟通。Independent medical practitioners: Dr. Lucy Liu, Dr. Ming Lin, Dr. Benny Chan, Dr. Jun Xue, Dr Erica Siah and Dr. Tricia Xu 竭诚为您提供优质的医疗服务, 内外妇儿健康检查预防接种疫苗。

电话预约 (07) 3344 5885, 网络预约:

持Medicare 费用全免 (條款和條件適用),7 天营业, 周一到周六早上九点至下午五点, 周日早上十点至下午四点。


Welcome to Sunnybank Plaza Family Clinic

|| Doctors in Sunnybank ||

Sunnybank Plaza Family Clinic is a bulk-billing general practice located in one of the most popular South-side Brisbane Shopping Centres: Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre in Sunnybank.

Here at Sunnybank Plaza Family Clinic, our doctors are experienced with years of practice and training. They are patient, caring and are committed to providing our patients with the highest standard of care in a friendly environment. We currently have 8 independent general practitioners (GP) on site, Dr. Lucy Liu, Dr. Ming Lin,  Dr. Benny ChanDr. Jun Xue, Dr. Erica Siah, Dr. Tricia Xu, Dr. May Meixun Lin and Dr. Michael Unger We will be welcoming more doctors and other allied health services in the future to look after our lovely community.

Our practice is committed to promoting wellness and disease prevention to all patients in the community. We are open 7 days a week, our opening hours are flexible and convenient which caters to all the families and friends we care about. We have a friendly staff team that are passionate about caring for our community.

Our flexible booking system means we are available when needed. Being caring is good medicine. So, whether you are feeling unwell today or are just overdue for a health check, make an appointment to see us today.

Our Sunnybank Plaza Family Clinic team endeavour to establish sustainable healthcare relationships with our community. Our friendly staff team are available to make your appointment or help you in any way. Patient questionnaires are available in the waiting room; we always welcome and encourage your feedback and suggestions.

This practice does not provide schedule S8 drugs or narcotics during the first visit.

Home Doctor Service offer an after-hours
Home visiting service 137425.

Our Doctors

Dr. Lucy Liu MBBS, MSci, FRACGP
Dr Lucy Liu is a General Practitioner who completed her education by obtaining a Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Medicine from a well-reputed medical institute. After graduating, she pursued a Fellowship at the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) and began practicing her medical practitioner career. As a keen-eyed Sunnybank GP, Dr Liu has vast experience providing an assortment of services to her patients. She practices in multiple general practice areas and holds special interests in Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Mental Health Issues, and Skin Conditions. As a doctor in Sunnybank, she enjoys providing her patients with solutions to their physical and mental health concerns. Her compassionate approach sets her practice apart, and has built her a trusted patient base. 劉醫生是一名全科醫生,她在一家著名的醫學機構獲得醫學學士和醫學碩士學位,完成了學業。畢業後,她在澳大利亞皇家全科醫師學院 (FRACGP) 獲得了醫學學位,並開始了她的醫生職業生涯。 作為一名目光敏銳的 Sunnybank 全科醫生,劉醫生在各方面擁有豐富的經驗。她在多個領域執業,並對女性健康、兒童健康、心理健康問題和皮膚狀況有興趣。作為 Sunnybank 的一名醫生,她喜歡為患者的身心健康問題提供解決方案。她富有同情心的方法使她的實踐與眾不同,並為她建立了一個值得信賴的患者群。 Dr. Lucy speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Dr. Ming Lin MBBS, MSci, FRACGP
Dr Ming Lin is a General Practitioner who completed his education with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 1989 from the Tianjin Medical University in China. He later moved to Australia and received his AMC (Australian Medical Council) Certificate in 2009 and a Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) in 2016. Fulfilling his role as a GP in Sunnybank, Dr Lin ensures to provide high-quality healthcare with kindness and compassion. He is qualified to practice various aspects of general practice and holds special interests in Mental Health Issues, Children’s Health, and General Health. As a doctor in Sunnybank, he is also qualified to perform Skin Checks and Minor Skin Lesion Surgery. 林明醫生是一名全科醫生,他於 1989 年在中國天津醫科大學完成了他的學業,獲得了醫學學士和外科學士 (MBBS)。他後來移居澳大利亞,並於 2009 年獲得了 AMC(澳大利亞醫學委員會)證書,並於 2016 年獲得了澳大利亞皇家全科醫師學院 (FRACGP) 的醫學學位。 作為 Sunnybank 的全科醫生,林博士確保以善良和同情心提供高質量的醫療保健。他有資格實踐全科醫學的各個方面,並對心理健康問題、兒童健康和一般健康有興趣。作為 Sunnybank 的醫生,他也有資格進行皮膚檢查和小皮膚損傷手術。 Dr. Lin speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Dr. Benny Chan MBBS, FRACGP, DCH
Dr Benny Chan was originally from Hong Kong, but grew up locally in Brisbane. He obtained his medical degree at the Gold Coast and worked in Gold Coast Hospital and Robina Hospital prior to becoming a GP. He has a special interest in preventative health, cancer screening and minor procedures. He offers a range of services including implanon insertion/removal and iron infusions. Dr Chan is aligned and registered for GP Pregnancy Shared Care, and has also completed additional paediatrics training including Diploma of Child Health. 陳醫生來自香港,在布里斯班當地長大。他在黃金海岸獲得醫學學位,在成為全科醫生之前曾在黃金海岸醫院和羅賓娜醫院工作。 他對預防性健康、癌症篩查和小程序特別感興趣。他提供一系列服務,包括植入物插入/移除、和鐵注入。 陳醫生已獲得全科醫生妊娠共享護理的資格和註冊,並且還完成了額外的兒科培訓,包括兒童健康文憑。 Dr. Chan speaks: English, Cantonese (粵語), Mandarin (普通話)
Dr Jun Xue graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine from the Dalian Medical College in China, 1993. He also holds an Australian Medical Council certificate. He earned the Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) in 2013. Moreover, he holds a Master degree in Urology and has also completed a Master in IVF science in 2004 at Monash University. Dr Jun has been practising medicine for more than twenty years. He has a special interest in men’s health, skin cancer procedures, mental health, Paediatrics, chronic disease management particularly in overweight management. He is also very competent and knowledgeable. 薛醫生於 1993 年畢業於中國大連醫學院,獲得醫學學士學位。他還擁有澳洲醫學委員會證書。他於 2013 年獲得澳洲皇家全科醫生學院 (FRACGP) 院士資格。此外,他擁有泌尿科碩士學位,並於 2004 年在莫納什大學完成了 IVF 科學碩士學位。 薛醫生行醫已有二十多年。他對男性健康、皮膚癌手術、心理健康、兒科、慢性病管理特別是超重管理特別感興趣。他也非常有能力和知識淵博。
Dr. Siang Ying (Erica) Siah BMed, MMed, FRACGP
Dr Erica (Siang Ying) Siah graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2010. She worked in Modbury Hospital and Lyell McEwin Hospital SA in multiple specialties before becoming a general practitioner in Queensland.  Her special interests are general medical/chronic disease management, respiratory, diabetes, psychiatry, dermatology, obstetric, and gynaecology. 謝醫生於 2010 年畢業於阿德萊德大學。在成為昆士蘭的全科醫生之前,她曾在 Modbury 醫院和 Lyell McEwin 醫院的多個專科工作。她的興趣是一般醫學/慢性疾病管理、呼吸系統、糖尿病、精神病學、皮膚病學、產科和婦科。 Dr. Erica Siah speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話) Cantonese (粵語), Malay (馬來語) and Hokkien (福建話)
Dr. Chunxia (Tricia) Xu MBBS, FRACGP
Dr. Tricia Xu has over 20 years clinical experience in all aspects of general practice. She graduated from Henan Medical University and worked as a dermatologist for over 10 years in China, later achieved her qualification of practice in the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She is Experienced in dermatology, general surgery, children and women's Health issues. 徐醫生在全科醫學的各個方面擁有超過 20 年的臨床經驗。畢業於河南醫科大學,在中國從事皮膚科工作10餘年,後在澳大利亞皇家全科醫師學院取得執業資格。她在皮膚科、普通外科、兒童和婦女健康問題方面經驗豐富 Dr. Xu speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Dr. May Meixun Lin MD, FRACGP
Dr May Lin graduated from Griffith University with Doctor of Medicine (MD) in 2017. She then completed her clinical years at the Logan Hospital, Beaudesert Hospital, Princess Alexandra Hospital and then relocated to Yeppoon for her GP training. Her special interests include everything from paediatrics, obstetrics, and gynaecology and preventive medicine but enjoys all areas of general practice. Dr. May Lin 於 2017 年畢業於Griffith University,獲得醫學博士學位。隨後,她在 Logan 醫院、Beaudesert 醫院、Princess Alexandra 醫院完成了臨床工作,然後搬到 Yeppoon 接受全科醫生培訓。她的興趣包括兒科、產科、婦科和預防醫學的各個領域,但也喜歡全科醫學的所有領域。 Dr. May speaks: English
Dr. Michael Unger MBSS, FRACGP
Dr Michael Unger is an Australian-based health professional and completed his medical training at University of Queensland. He also has a bachelor degree in Art History and English Literature and completed a Master Degree in Applied Linguistics. His interests in preventative medicine, chronic disease management, and skin conditions. He enjoy sports including squash and cycling. He can speak a little mandarin.

Our Allied Health Team

Dr. Tim Wu BSc(Chiro)
[Chiropractor] Tim has special interests in posture, neck, mid-back, shoulders and lower back pain management. Tim is also fluent in Mandarin. Availability: Wednesday and Saturday. Dr. Tim Wu speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Mr. Johnny Hung B.Hlth.Sc.(Pod)
[Podiatrist] Johnny has extensive clinical experience and knowledge through his podiatry career development. Johnny visits nursing homes regularly to provide foot care for elderly, presents health talks and raise public awareness on foot disease. In his spare time, Johnny likes to play golf, travel and discover new places to eat. Availability: Monday Mr. Johnny Hung speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Ms. Chelssie Li
[Dietitian] Chelssie is passionate about food and how it contributes to our health and wellbeing, recovery from illnesses, optimising health and preventing diseases. Her interests in chronic disease management, weight management and women's health with a sustainable lifestyle-change approach. She endeavours to treat each client as a person, rather than a disease, and will do so by building good relationships with them along with evidence-based practices. She enjoys building long term relationships with clients as they work together to achieve their goals. She believes that achieving good health is more complicated than limiting caloric intake and the number on the scale but is more about the overall wellbeing of a person, including mental and social health. Ms. Chelssie speaks: English, Cantonese (粵語), Mandarin (普通話) Availability: Monday 9:00am to 12:00pm

Our Nurses

Miss Jacqueline Lee
[Registered Nurse] speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Mrs Joanne Cheng (On Leave)
[Registered Nurse] speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Miss Katrina Wang
[Registered Nurse] speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Mrs Eva Li
[Registered Nurse] speaks: English, Cantonese (粵語), Mandarin (普通話)
Miss Meng-Ying
[Registered Nurse] speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Miss Cici Chen
[Registered Nurse] speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Miss Joy Zhang
[Registered Nurse] speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Miss Becky Wang
[Registered Nurse] speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)

Our Receptionists

Miss Katherin Lee
[Senior Receptionist] Speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Miss Amy Cheung
[Senior Receptionist] Speaks: English, Cantonese (粵語), Mandarin (普通話)
Miss Vicky Lin
[Receptionist] Speaks: English, Mandarin (普通話)
Miss Susan Ye
[Receptionist] Speaks: English, Cantonese (粵語), Mandarin (普通話)
Miss Tiffany Liu
[Receptionist] Speaks: English, Cantonese (粵語), Mandarin (普通話)

Our Practice

Our committed team of doctors, nurses and reception staff aim to provide a high standard of personal medical care and comprehensive health management in a friendly and caring environment. We strive to achieve the best possible health outcomes for our patients and for our community.

We Provide

  • Bulk billing available for Medicare cardholders (Condition applied).
  • Culture friendly practice, our doctors, nurses and receptionists speak English and Chinese fluently.
  • Appointments are preferred, however walk-in consultations are also accepted depending on the schedule and nature of need.
Sunnybank Plaza Family Clinic