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Consultation is by appointment. Patients presenting without an appointment will be fitted in at the earliest available time. Urgent medical matters will always be dealt with promptly. Please “check-in” with reception on your arrival to avoid an unnecessary delay in the waiting room. Please cancel appointments prior to the allocated time. Every effort is made to keep to appointment times but this is difficult due to emergencies, walk-in patients or unexpected longer consultations. To help us schedule appropriately, please tell our receptionists if your consultation is likely to be long (e.g. insurance medicals, postnatal checks, pap smears, counselling, excisions, and if more than one member of the family is to be seen.

For New Patient, please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time and bring your Photo ID, Medicare card and concession card. Your personal information is kept as an electronical record in the practice secured software system for identification purpose only. The paper containing of your personal information will be shredded and disposed at end of the day.

New Patient Form (Chinese) 

New Patient Form (English)

Visit our website HotDoc and book your next appointment online.

We endeavour to help you see the doctor of your choice. All evidence suggests that communication between doctor and patient is improved when a good relationship exists between both parties. We recognise it is not always possible to see the same doctor, so our system of recording notes takes this into account.

We have several measures to assist in streamlining the waiting room and improving patient flow in our Medical Centre. Please advise the type of appointment you need when booking, or if the Doctor or Nurse has advised you about getting something done at your next appointment. Please remind reception on arrival.

Our lunch break hours are from 12pm to 1pm. Our staff utilise this time to balance work and rest to enhance our work environment as well as productivity to ensure quality healthcare. During our lunch breaks, our phones will be off and will not be answered, please dial 000 for any emergencies.

Disposable equipment is used in many instances to ensure patients safety. This practice is in compliance with Australian safety standards and health regulations implementing the use of disposal equipments.

We do provide house calls for patients of this practice when necessary on request. It is usually better if you are able to attend the surgery as this is better equipped for examination and treatment.

If you require medical attention afterhours please ring House Call Doctor on 13 55 66 or 134 100. For emergencies ring 000 or attend the closest hospital to you.

An appointment is required for all types of consultations, including standard face-to-face consultations and telephone consultations.

The doctors can perform many minor surgical procedures if required (e.g., removal of moles or skin lesions, treatment of simple fractures). Cryotherapy (for skin cancers and warts etc.), nebulizer, cervical screening, Marina removal, Implanon removal/insertion, and resuscitation equipment are available. A longer appointment time and fees are required for most of the procedures, so please inform the reception staff.

The doctors in the practice can perform electrocardiograms (ECG), lung function testing, and blood sugar testing, pregnancy tests, hearing tests. Blood collection for pathology, X-rays, CT scans, ultrasound, mammograms, and endoscopy tests can be arranged elsewhere when needed. Fees may require – condition apply.

Patients are required to return for a consultation to obtain test results, preferably with the doctor who ordered your tests. If any results are abnormal and/or require urgent attention we will contact you. To facilitate this, please make sure reception have your current phone number and address details when booking or on settling your account.

To further improve our service to you, we have implemented a Patient Register for Preventative Activities. This is a Reminder/Recall System in which we contact the patient by either mail or phone for follow-up of a preventative activity such as a skin check, cholesterol check, blood pressure check, Pap smear, Mammogram or Prostate examination etc. Our practice also takes part in state and territory registers which help us work out who is due to be seen. Patients attending this practice will automatically be included on our Reminder/Recall Register. Patients are requested to inform the Doctor, Nurse or Reception if they choose not to be included. You will need to sign a form if so, for us to keep on record. We also offer the opportunity for patients to initiate these reminders/ recalls to be sent to them. Please speak to your doctor or nurse about arranging this. The purpose of this register is purely as a service to patients from this practice and confidentiality is ensured at all times. If you wish to opt out of our recall system please tell your doctor.

Referrals to a specialist may be made during the consultation. Standard referrals are valid for one year so please ensure you book an appointment before your referral overdue.

Prescriptions may be written during a consultation. If you need repeat prescriptions, we ask that you make an appointment to see one of our doctors, where the condition for which the prescriptions are written can be checked.

We are committed to helping our patients prevent the development of chronic disease. We encourage you to take advantage of our practice nurses and the time you spend with your doctor to “measure up” and have your modifiable lifestyle factors assessed. We can also offer Cardiovascular risk and Diabetes risk assessments. Please look for these tools in the waiting area or ask at Reception. Once filled in please give this to your doctor or the nurse.

For our patients over 75 we recommend a yearly health assessment which is a comprehensive review of a wide range of health issues. Home assessments can be arranged. Patients aged 45-49 are also eligible and encouraged to have a detailed health check to help identify chronic diseases for which you may be at risk.

If you require a copy of your records to be sent elsewhere our practice sends a summary for free, but may charge fees for preparing records.

It is surgery policy to cater for people with special needs and disabilities. If you are experiencing difficulties please approach our staff who will be very willing to assist.

Our clinic is bulk billing available (conditions apply). Non-Medicare eligible services such as procedures, non-government funded vaccines, driver’s licence medical examination, pre-employment medical examination, motor Vehicle consultation, medical reports/records etc are not eligible for bulk billing. Please discuss with our reception staff.

Eligible Bulk Billing Patients

  • Children under 16 years of age
  • Patients with a valid healthcare card, commonwealth concession/pension card or DVA card

Non Medicare Card holder
Private billing only and payment is required at the time of consultation.


All doctors at the practice use the computerised BEST PRACTICE to record information, order tests, provide prescriptions and file Specialists reports. Our computers are password protected, and backed up daily. All information recorded at the surgery is confidential. We follow the Australian Federal Privacy Laws and Standards for the private health sector.

We recognise that patients have certain rights and we will endeavour to support these rights. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the services we provide to you or if you feel your rights are not supported, we would appreciate your comments. Your doctor, the Practice Manager or the receptionists on duty are available to discuss any problems you may have. Or you can email your feedback to us via Should you wish to take any complaints further you can contact:


Office of the Health Ombudsman

Telephone: 133 646


We are open 7 days, Mixed billing Clinic – Kids under 16 and Pensioner card holders will be bulk billed.

  • $20 Gap Fee

Dr Lucy Liu’s consultation will have different fee schedule, please contact clinic for further information.

Non-Medicare card holders will be private billing.没有Medicare 国民医疗卡者(海外学生和私人保险)需全额付费後自行报销

For more information regarding our bookings and fees at Sunnybank Plaza Family Clinic, please contact our front desk on 07 3273 5022 .

Please note that fees might defer depending on the complexity of consultation/treatment. Please advise reception staff the nature of your appointment in order for our staff to advise you on possible fees that may incur. Vaccine fees are subject to availability and quoted upon appointment booking.


Sunnybank Plaza Family Clinic