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欢迎来到布里斯班 Sunnybank全科家庭医生诊所

布里斯班 Sunnybank 全科家庭医生新诊所已经开诊 , 位于众所皆知的Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre内,与Bupa保险为邻,对面是宏仁堂, Medibank保险 和 Vodaphone电信。诊所每位同仁可英语和普通话沟通。Dr. Lucy Liu, Dr. Ming Lin, Dr. Benny. Chan, Dr. Jun Xue, Dr. Hao Lu 和 Dr. Erica Siah (on leave) 竭诚为您提供优质的医疗服务, 内外妇儿健康检查预防接种疫苗。

儿童疫苗 Child Immunisations (Monday to Saturday Only – No Sunday booking) 

电话预约 (07) 3344 5885, 网络预约:


Download New Patient Form (English) 

持国民医疗卡 Medicare 看诊费用全免

Bulk-Billing available for general consultation 


7 天营业, 周一到周六早上九点至下午五点, 周日早上九点至下午三点。

NEW DOCTOR 新醫生加入 – Dr. Hao Lu (逯浩醫生)

致力於 – 慢性病管理(即心血管健康、內分泌、腎臟与呼吸系統)、兒童健康男性健康

他畢業於昆士蘭大學,獲得醫學和药剂师學位(MBBS,BPharm)。 在昆士蘭東南部的多家醫院(包括 PAH、QCH、Hervey Bay等)接受培訓後,進入了 GP 培訓,並在 Gladstone 地區工作後完成了培訓。 他認為在所有臨床環境中應該以患者為中心来提供全面護理計劃。他還會說流利的中文。

Dr. Hao Lu’s special interests including chronic medical disease managements (i.e. cardiovascular health, endocrinology, renal, respiratory), children’s health, and men’s health. He graduated from the University of Queensland with both of his medical and pharmacy degrees (MBBS, BPharm). After training in various south-east Queensland hospitals (including PAH, QCH, Hervey Bay etc), he has moved onto GP training and completed the training after working in the Gladstone region. He believes in providing holistic care with a patient-centred approach in all clinical care settings. He also believes being diligent and reliable with all patients should be the very standard of healthcare.  He also speaks fluent Chinese (Mandarin).



FLU VACCINE (流感疫苗) is Available

Are you, your parents, your children staying healthy? Remember to eat well, exercise enough, and relax whenever you can!⁠

Apart from these, to increase protection against seasonal flu, we recommend that you and your family consider having the flu vaccine.⁠

4 types of Influenza viruses

This year’s flu vaccine covers 4 types of influenza viruses – 2 types of influenza A and 2 types of influenza B.

For those who are eligible, this will be completely FREE. Otherwise, the flu vaccine is $20 and we are able to bulk bill the consultation if you have a Medicare card.⁠

Eligibility for free Flu Vaccine

You can have a FREE flu vaccine if you fit any of the criteria below:


  • All children from 6 months to less than 5 years old
  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aged 6 months and over


  • All adults aged 65 years and older
  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aged 6 months and over
  • Pregnant women (during any stage of pregnancy)

People with Medical conditions

  • All people aged 6 months and older, with medical conditions which increase the risk of flu complications, such as
    • Chronic lung conditions (bad asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
    • Heart disease (heart attacks, heart failure)
    • Diabetes and other metabolic disorders
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • Nervous system disease (seizures, spinal cord injuries)
    • Haematological or blood disorders
    • Impaired immunity (cancers, on medication to suppress immune system, spleen issues, HIV or AIDS)
    • Long term aspirin therapy in children age 6 months to 10 years

Contact us at 07 33445885



Welcome to Sunnybank Plaza Family Clinic

Sunnybank Plaza Family Clinic is a bulk-billing general practice. It is located in the most popular shopping Centre in south-side Brisbane.

Our doctors have many years of experience and are committed to providing our patients with the highest standard of care in a friendly environment.

Our practice is committed to promoting wellness and disease prevention to all patients in the community. We open 7 days a week to suit busy people with families or working long hours need before and after school or work appointments.

Our flexible booking system means we are available when needed. Being caring is good medicine. So, whether you are feeling unwell today or are just over due for a health check, make an appointment to see us today. Our friendly practice staff are available to make your appointment or help in any way. Patient questionnaires are available in the waiting room; we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

This practice does not provide schedule S8 drugs or narcotics during the first visit.